Re: [Geary] full menu in Geary?

Hi Alex,

Great to hear that you're looking at Geary for your email needs.  Geary does not have a full menu, we've attempted to build it in such a way that it doesn't need one.  The bulk of the operations you'll need to use can be found on the toolbar or in the conversation viewer itself (the pane on the far right of the window).  Other operations can be found in the gear menu (on the right-side of the toolbar) or, if you're using the latest unstable version of Geary, in the application menu (on Unity it's the "Geary Mail" item in your menu bar).  You can also look in the Geary F1 help documentation for keyboard shortcuts.

-- Jim

On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 6:12 AM, Alex Thierry <athierry pro gmail com> wrote:
Hi, I'm trying to adopt a "new" way to manage my tasks, something like one software for one task. For that, I'm aiming to move from thunderbird to geary, but, I'm wondering is there's a full menu that can be activated in Geary, for it can be integrated in Unity? I'm totally satisfied with Unity, the way it works, etc. But there's full menu. Is that possible to activate it? And, as we say in french, "vous faites du bon boulot, les gars!" Alex _______________________________________________ geary-list mailing list geary-list gnome org

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