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On Thu, 24 Jul 2014 07:48:15 -0500, Federico Bruni <fede inventati org> wrote:

Il 24.07.2014 14:37 Frank Harrell ha scritto:
I really like the underlying design of geary.  In moving to it I have
hit  2 major obstacles in using 0.7.0:
 1. Geary learns addresses from all my past emails and makes it easy to
 select the address with a partial match.  Most of the addresses are
in the  form of "firstname lastname <names address>" and the whole
string is  pulled in to geary in the "To:" field.  But geary senses
this an an  illegal address and the Send button is grayed out until I
delete  "firstname lastname <" and ">".  This is a major time killer.

I can't reproduce this problem.

Thanks for writing back. The problem occurs when the email address that is found has a comma in the name and the name is not quoted, e.g. Doe, John <john doe test com>. Perhaps geary could automatically quote such names or remove commas to save manual editing.

2. Threaded view is nice, and messages in the thread may come from
different sources.  So that my mailboxes do not become too full I
frequently need to delete one message in the thread.  I cannot find a
way  in geary to delete anything but all the messages in the thread.

Known limitation, there's a feature request:

Good. I hope that is added as outlined there. Thanks for considering all this.

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