[Geary] [External] 2 problems

I really like the underlying design of geary. In moving to it I have hit 2 major obstacles in using 0.7.0:

1. Geary learns addresses from all my past emails and makes it easy to select the address with a partial match. Most of the addresses are in the form of "firstname lastname <names address>" and the whole string is pulled in to geary in the "To:" field. But geary senses this an an illegal address and the Send button is grayed out until I delete "firstname lastname <" and ">". This is a major time killer.

2. Threaded view is nice, and messages in the thread may come from different sources. So that my mailboxes do not become too full I frequently need to delete one message in the thread. I cannot find a way in geary to delete anything but all the messages in the thread.

Thanks for considering,

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