Re: [gdm-list] GDM one display two screens


On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 3:08 AM, Craig Keogh <cskeogh adam com au> wrote:
> I have two monitors. My setup is one X server and two screens (commonly
> referred to as Zaphod mode). $DISPLAY is either :0.0 or :0.1.
> Is it possible to configure GDM to just use :0.0 and leave :0.1 alone?
> If no configure option, where in the source code should I start looking?
As far as I know GDM doesn't really try to use multiple screens for
anything on it's own.

GDM does use gnome-settings-daemon which will put a background on each screen,
and metacity which will manage each screen by default.  You'd need to
change them to not do

Aside from that, gdm just uses the screen the pointer ends up on.  By
default I believe the pointer
just ends up in the middle of screen 0, which would mean you're
already set.  But it might end up in the middle of all the screens
together (not sure).
If that's the case then it's always going to end up on the bigger
screen.  You could get around that by patching the greeter to use the
primary monitor of screen 0 instead of the monitor under the pointer.
If you did do that patch, it could go upstream.


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