Re: [gdm-list] gdm doesn't kill its own session clearly, causes two gnome-settings-daemon run on one DISPLAY

Hi Ray,

Thanks for your reply.

2011/2/18 Ray Strode <halfline gmail com>
Sometime around 2.30 gdm was changed to only kill gnome-session and
none of the stuff gnome-session starts (This was to prevent ordering
problems on solaris).  It now depends on gnome-session to clean up
after itself.  My guess is either

1) gnome-settings-daemon isn't properly registering with the session
so isn't getting killed on exit
2) gnome-settings-daemon is ignoring SIGTERM (should be verifable by
trying to kill it after login)
3) gnome-session has some bug where it's not properly sending SIGTERM
to gnome-settings-daemon
IMHO, just before user login, gdm should not only kill its gnome-session, but also wait for gnome-session exit (and gnome-session should wait for exit of stuff it starts).


- cee1

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