Re: [gdm-list] Per-user session scripts for GDM defaults?

> I think there will be a fair bit of discussion and work involved before
> this gets accepted upstream.  It is more likely this will get done if
> the issue is raised as an RFE in the "gdm" category of

I wrote patches for 2.28.2 and 2.31.0, which I extended from my original
proposal, in the hopes that it would be much more useful.
I submitted them as (general GDM enhancement) bug 619675.

This version uses a SessionScript/ directory in the gdm configuration
directory for the scripts, supports both privileged and unprivileged
scripts, runs them in parallel, and ignores their exit statuses.

The privilege separation would be a bit more complete, if all file
descriptors were redirected for 'su', but other than that, this
should be the safest you can get in a shell script (.. short of a
chroot environment or BSD jail)(.

I'll be responsive to further suggestions, comments and questions
both here, and at the bugzilla entry.

Thanks for your interest,

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