Re: [gdm-list] double login

Ok, I got multiseat working with ubuntu 9.10 with gdm-2.20 .
It cost me some time to figure out the gdmgreeter was crashing.(but not in gdm 2.18)Changing this setting to gdmlogin works ok(but it's the old style debian greeter).I believe that gdm is too much attached to gnome,because with dual screens, not only the greeter is crashing also gnome-panel.
Maybe something to do with xrandr.

Glad to hear you got things working.  If you could provide a stack trace
of gdmgreeter, or any further information, I'd be happy to help debug.
But glad to hear that gdmlogin is a workaround.

Sorry to hear about your problem with gnome-panel.  I'd recommend filing
a bug at under gnome-panel with details about
the crash.  It's probably not a related issue.


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