Re: [gdm-list] double login

On Tuesday 27 October 2009 19:07:40 you wrote:
> > Ok, I got multiseat working with ubuntu 9.10 with gdm-2.20 .
> > It cost me some time to figure out the gdmgreeter was crashing.(but not
> > in gdm 2.18)Changing this setting to gdmlogin works ok(but it's the old
> > style debian greeter).I believe that gdm is too much attached to
> > gnome,because with dual screens, not only the greeter is crashing also
> > gnome-panel.
> > Maybe something to do with xrandr.
> Glad to hear you got things working.  If you could provide a stack trace
> of gdmgreeter, or any further information, I'd be happy to help debug.
> But glad to hear that gdmlogin is a workaround.
> Sorry to hear about your problem with gnome-panel.  I'd recommend filing
> a bug at under gnome-panel with details about
> the crash.  It's probably not a related issue.
> Brian
Maybe some additional info:
if Vtallocation is set to false, it's not working whatsoever.
If vtallocation is set to true or commented out,it's working.
here is the syslog debug with gdmgreeter in gdm.conf but crashing:

and here with gdmlogin in gdm.conf working:

maybe you see something.(do not pay attention to kdm-kde3,i've installed kde3 
on the machine,but same errors without kde3)


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