[gdm-list] gdmflexiserver questions

Hi.  I'm currently running Fedora 9-nearly-release (up to date with
rawhide, gdm.x86_64 1:2.22.0-1.fc9) with an nvidia card (8600 GTS) and
the nv driver.  I have a few questions about gdm and gdmflexiserver
that I tried asking on the fedora list, but haven't gotten a response.
 I figure this is a better place to ask.

I have a desktop machine that one user, me, is always logged in to.
When I step away from the computer, I like the idea of going back to
the gdm login screen so other users can login.  I found out about
gdmflexiserver recently, and that appeared to be nearly perfect.  If I
understand it correctly, I can run "gdmflexiserver -s" to go back to
the gdm login screen; other users can login, and I can login as me and
find myself back at my X display.

Here are the questions, though.

1. Is the above usage correct?  It should be doing what I want?

2. I noticed my machine was slowly using up memory.  It seems that
everytime I run "gdmflexiserver -s", I get a whole new X session
running.  When I log back in as me, it doesn't go away, so they're
building up over time.  At the moment, I have six metacity processes
running (and I run fvwm!), which is how I've been monitoring this.
I've noticed that when I run "gdmflexiserver -s", it almost
immediately shows the gdm login screen, but then I see a new X server
starting, and after a few seconds, I again see the gdm login.  I
thought at first that it was just killing and restarting the X server
for some reason, but now I suspect it's creating a new one each time.
Does anyone know why this might be happening?

3. Assuming I can get things running properly, I've been a little
confused about what scripts run when.  I was hoping the
gdm/Init/Default and related scripts get run every time I run the
gdmflexiserver command.  It doesn't seem like they do, though.  Is
that correct?  Basically, after running gdmflexiserver, I want to turn
off the monitor after sleeping for a short time.  I get the feeling
that DPMS doesn't work if you simply change VT to a display that
thinks the monitor is already off (i.e. past the idle time) unless you
hit a key or move the mouse to reset the idle counter.

4. When I try to run a gdmflexiserver command, I get this:

% gdmflexiserver --command VERSION

** (gdmflexiserver:15043): WARNING **: No longer supported

Is that supposed to happen?

Thanks for any help!


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