Re: [gdm-list] GDM & DMX & GNOME how to implement?


Mark McLoughlin added the existing DMX support.  He didn't provide much
documentation in the GDM module documentation, but there is some
information about this on his blog.

Mark also gave a summary about this feature on the gdm-list mailing
list, which you can refer to here:

He also gave a presentation about this at GUADEC, though a quick Google
search doesn't reveal the slides to me.

In summary, I believe the purpose of the code is to support session
migration via DMX.  This code was somewhat experimental and I'm not sure
if anybody really uses this code, or how well it works.  I suspect it
might require some work to get working again.  I suspect it isn't
supported in the new GDM 2.22 rewrite.

In other words, I don't believe GDM really has DMX support aside from
this specific "session migration" feature.  I believe it would be
necessary to enhance GDM to get this working.

However, perhaps there might be others on this list who have used GDM
with DMX who might be able to provide you with more useful information.


I was wondering if anybody knows how to get GNOME to working under DMX from GDM. Currently, I start a TWM session from DMX and run a shell script to start DMX and GNOME, I find this cumbersome. Anybody explain how to use gdm-dmx-reconnect-proxy & if this is program is relevant to my problem? The command line help wasn't too helpful. Any advice appreciated.


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