Re: [gdm-list] .xsession-error not being created, why not?


Hi - We're using Redhat Enterprise 4, and we recently discovered that X errors are now being logged into files in /tmp rather than in .xsession-error in people's home directories. I turned on gdm debugging, but didn't see any relevant error messages. From my looking at the code, it seems as if gdm should only create the /tmp file if the session is running in failsafe mode, or it has no access to the home directory. The latter should create an error message, but it's not. Is there any way to further debug this problem (besides recompiling gdm with more debug statements)? Thanks. - Mark

What version of GDM are you using?  In gdm SVN head, I see the behavior
works as you describe above.  gdm should only create the /tmp file if
running in failsafe, if the user's $HOME directory doesn't exist (which
should cause a pop-up to display), or if it fails to open the file with
mkstemp, which should cause a "Could not open ~/.xsession-errors" debug
message to display to syslog.

So, it doesn't make sense that its putting the files in /tmp if you
aren't seeing the debug message or any pop-ups.  Unless you are using
an older version of GDM that has different logic.  I'd recommend adding
some debug statements to figure out what is going on here.


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