Re: [gdm-list] a few gdm changes


> I've committed all of these.  However, as I mentioned to you before
> I'm not really a big fan of the session chooser.  It is definitely a
> geek tool.  But for now this looks pretty good.
Yea, I'm thinking we should move it and language somewhere else, so
they aren't so much "in your face" I guess.

> The animations look pretty cool.  For the next step we should try to
> make the dialog window stay the same size as the contained widgets
> resize themselves.  For me it bounces around quite a bit.
It should already.  It could be I broke something when I split the
patches out.  I'll have a look now that it's merged.

> For some reason, and I haven't had a chance to look into it yet, the
> "face" images don't show up in the list anymore.  However, they show
> up fine when running the test programs.  Off the top of my head it
> sounds like we may have between the settings daemon startup and the
> icon rendering.  Just a guess.
Hmm, I don't see that problem.


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