Re: [gdm-list] Remote timed autologin - Authentication failed

Liviu Petcu wrote:
Index: daemon/slave.c
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/gdm2/daemon/slave.c,v
retrieving revision 1.327
diff -r1.327 slave.c
< if ((d->attached || gdm_get_value_string (GDM_KEY_ALLOW_REMOTE_AUTOLOGIN)) ---
if ((d->attached || gdm_get_value_bool (GDM_KEY_ALLOW_REMOTE_AUTOLOGIN))
Thanks for replays!
I'm not familiar with code patching. Please give me a point to start digging.
Or perhaps it's better to wait a Fedora update... :)

Thank you for posting the patch. If you want to patch GDM yourself, start by installing the GDM source RPM from the Fedora mirrors. The RPM build system includes a system for patching, and Fedora's RPMs might include some customization patches you want.

Below is Red Hat / Fedora's version of the bug report where you can track its progress.


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