[gdm-list] Hiding Failsafe options under Session menu

To preface:

I have looked around and the only instance of this issue that I have found was another user having the exact same problem with no solution. We are both trying to make a kiosk with Fedora Core 5. I realize that this could be a FC5 issue, so I am going to describe the issue, and ask if anyone on this list not using FC5 is having the issue. If you aren't, I'll go figure out who to report it to w/ the Fedora Project. (My reasoning here is that I could go ask them all day, and since they would be running FC5's gnome 2.14, they would all have the issue, where as you nice people are probably not.).

With that out of the way...

In GDM's custom.conf, under the [greeter] section there are two options that do not seem to be working, here is the excerpt of their default states (on FC5) from <share>/gdm/defaults.conf


However these are set, they still show under the Session selection. I enabled debug, and it appeared to be reading the settings properly (I don't have a copy of the log right now cause that box is in transport), just not acting on it.

Anyone not running FC5's build of Gnome 2.14 experiencing this issue?

The most recent RPM versions from FC5 that I believe are related:


Thanks for your time.


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