Re: Customizing gdm

On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 05:34:53PM -0400, Inger, Slav (S.B.) wrote:
> Thanks for the reply, George.  So I take it, the way it stands today, there
> is no way to introduce a custom element into the gdm greeter period, be it
> PAM-dependent or not.  I realize this is a gdm-specific list, so I
> apologize in advance for asking this question:  are there any other common
> Linux *dm's (KDM, XDM, etc) that anyone is aware of that do support this
> functionality?  We have a very specific requirement that needs to be
> fulfilled by introducing a custom widget onto the login screen - feedback
> will be most appreciated.

As far as I know, none of the DM's would do this without a hack of some kind.

If you don't care about pam integration, you could just run a program that
shows a window with that widget somewhere on screen from your Init script.
In GDM this will give a sort of a border around the window, but it will give
you the functionality.

There was a patch a long time ago that was adding scripts (plugins, I can't
exactly remember) to the graphical greeter, but I completely lots the
reference to it, and forgot about it until today when it came to my mind with
respect to this.  To bad it's past feature freeze date for gnome 2.4 ... :(

Actually if you would be more specific about your requirement I could be
more specific about what could be done to solve it.


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