Re: [gDesklets] Getting 0.36.3 out there...

Hi again,

OK, so - as usual ;) - another dirty, fast and ugly fix did the trick:

I just added "doc/man/gdesklets.1" to "EXTRA_DIST" in and everything seems to be working fine:

I created a bz2-tarball using "make dist-bzip2", unpacked it somewhere
else and successfully ran "./ && ./configure && make"
following a "make install" as root without any error.

BUT again: I needed to following (dirty ugly) fixes to do it:

echo "" >
echo "" >
echo "" >

and adding "doc/man/gdesklets.1" to "EXTRA_DIST".

So, we definitely should take a deeper look into the intltool issues and
I am not sure about the man pages (maybe that's the way it should be
done ?!).

Anyway, I have the bz2-tarball here and if you think it is OK to be
released using the way I build it: just let me know.

Greetings, Bjoern

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