[gDesklets] Blueprint: Is there a newer version available on the internet?

Hi there,

Joe just made a nice new blueprint on launchpad

> -Check a non-obvious URL (in the gdesklets.de domain) on startup and every 3 days it remains running
>  -Fail silently (i.e. if not connected to the internet)
>  -Pop-up message if there is a newer version
>  -This would require access to gdesklets.de for new tarballs to be posted and the file checked to be changed
> -Should it be capable of being globally disabled at compile-time?
> -Each user should be able to disable or enable this feature via the configuration dialog and pop-up message
> -URL should just be a simple file, perhaps with the following format for easy decoding:
> <major version>
> <minor version>
> <development version>
> For example, the current file would be:
> 0
> 36
> 2

OK, just a few thoughts about it:

1. great idea!
2. do we want to add this feature for source code only or do we need a
more detailed system/list including distribution dependent information
(like there is a new version available for ubuntu/fedora etc.) ?
3. what about stable/development versions ?
4. I guess it would be best to use a simple XML file for this
information, wouldn't it ?
5. I like the idea of having the possibility to have this feature being
disabled at compile-time ;).
6. non-obvious URL ?? why not e.g.
http://gdesklets.de/current_versions.xml ?

More ideas, comments, suggestions ??

Greetings, Bjoern

PS: we still need lauri to update the homepage to inform the world that
0.36.2 is out there ;).

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