Re: [gDesklets] Blueprint: Is there a newer version available on the internet?

Hi all,

On 04/24/2010 10:11 AM, Bjoern Koch wrote:
> Hi there,
> Joe just made a nice new blueprint on launchpad
> (
>> -Check a non-obvious URL (in the domain) on startup and every 3 days it remains running
>>  -Fail silently (i.e. if not connected to the internet)
>>  -Pop-up message if there is a newer version
>>  -This would require access to for new tarballs to be posted and the file checked to be changed
>> -Should it be capable of being globally disabled at compile-time?
>> -Each user should be able to disable or enable this feature via the configuration dialog and pop-up message
>> -URL should just be a simple file, perhaps with the following format for easy decoding:
>> <major version>
>> <minor version>
>> <development version>
>> For example, the current file would be:
>> 0
>> 36
>> 2
> OK, just a few thoughts about it:
> 1. great idea!

Thanks Bjoern :)

> 2. do we want to add this feature for source code only or do we need a
> more detailed system/list including distribution dependent information
> (like there is a new version available for ubuntu/fedora etc.) ?

I propose source code only.  As the maintainer of a distro package, it's up
to me to notify the users if there's a security patch or bugfix in a newer
version.  I think it'd be too tough to try to keep up with all the distros
out there.

> 3. what about stable/development versions ?

Good question.  Perhaps the file specifies the latest stable and latest
development version.

> 4. I guess it would be best to use a simple XML file for this
> information, wouldn't it ?

I agree.  Don't know much about XML a DTD file necessary?

> 5. I like the idea of having the possibility to have this feature being
> disabled at compile-time ;).

Good to know :)  I think this should be useful for popular distros who don't
want their users to file tons of "version bump" bugs each version change.
Maybe this removes the configuration checkbox that each user can
check/uncheck to enable/disable the feature.

> 6. non-obvious URL ?? why not e.g.
> ?

That's what I meant, but I didn't word it well enough.  By "non-obvious", I
meant to say it shouldn't be linked to on the website or be a standalone
page a typical visitor to the website would stumble upon.

> PS: we still need lauri to update the homepage to inform the world that
> 0.36.2 is out there ;).

Unfortunately, not all distro package maintainers hang out on this list :)


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