Re: [gDesklets] Moving on to 0.36.2

Hi there again,

> If the Status Icon was fixed
> ( I would immediately
> start setting up 0.36.2_rc1 for testing ;).

OK, I found the problem and it is (hopefully) fixed in rev #125.
I changed everything to 0.36.2_rc1, too.

But merging the "basic desklets" is giving me a hard time right now. I
believe that I included every file and etc., but "make
distcheck" is aborting etc.
So I am pretty stuck right now...

If *someone* (please) can take this job I would be more than happy to
put it up to the Archive's website for testing.

Furthere more we should be fixing the MIME bug
( for the final
release. And finally we should take a look at the basic desklets if they
are ready to be released as found in the bzr branch.

Greetings, Bjoern

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