Re: [gDesklets] Unofficial desklet archive

Hi there,

> It seems is not serving up the
> unofficial archive.  Will it be coming back online or is it down for good?

Well... just to inform you all:
today I found out that seems to be gone (unfortunately):

"Unfortunately, NXSERVE is now permenantly closed. The revenue from a
few advert clicks here and there was nowhere near covering the server
hosting costs, or the cPanel, iPanel and Fantastico licencing fees."

So right now I will have to look for a new (free) hoster.
Might take some days I guess.

If you have any recommendation for a new free hoster, please let me know.
The following minimum specs are needed:

- 250 MB web space
- 5 GB traffic/month
- max. file size 5MB or more
- domains and sub-domains
- no forced adds
- no post-2-host etc.

Greetings, Bjoern

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