Re: [gDesklets] events in controls


2009/5/12 Joe Sapp <sappj ieee org>:
> Looking at the D-Bus-Python documentation [1], it looks like you're right.
> They only claim to support one "main loop", which is Glib.  I haven't looked
> at the gD source in a while, so I'm not sure if it runs the Glib main loop.
> If it does, you might be in luck...otherwise, I think the fix has to be in D-Bus.

 yes, you're right... if you just want to use Dbus... but not in
gdesklets. IMVO there is not an easy fix because I strongly believe we
need to change the core's behaviour, specifically in the client/server
communication. gDesklets is a desktop application, so it must use

 So, if some Control wants to use some "special characteristics"
(included in Dbus for instance) the programmer should not code the
feature inside the Control but the core instead.

That's why I believe it's time to move on to dbus.



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