Re: [gDesklets] Unofficial desklet archive

Hello Bjoern,

2009/5/18 Bjoern Koch <H Humpel gmx de>:
> So right now I will have to look for a new (free) hoster.
> Might take some days I guess.
> If you have any recommendation for a new free hoster, please let me know.
> The following minimum specs are needed:

 I'm paying for a shared hosting and the values you've mentioned don't
look to high to be hosted on my server. Have you got any specialized
application to run with?   Anyway, if we got short of bandwidth
sometime, I think we can find someone to give us a small donation :-/

> - 250 MB web space
> - 5 GB traffic/month
> - max. file size 5MB or more
> - domains and sub-domains
> - no forced adds
> - no post-2-host etc.


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