Re: [gDesklets] Calendar proposal ant others.

On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 4:39 AM, Joe Sapp <sappj ieee org> wrote:

> <cut>
> On holidays and recurrence rules (etc.) I believe my iCalendarEvent Control
> does a pretty decent job of parsing iCalendar files.  The especially nice
> thing about iCalendar files is you can specify a rule for each holiday that
> is
> effective every year (unless somebody important changes their mind), so the
> files don't have to be updated year-to-year.  There already exist some of
> these for programs like Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning I believe
> ( for
> example).
>  Of course, this would add to gDesklets deps (nothing's ever easy ;))...
> Thoughts?  If you wanted to try out the Control, WeeklyCalendar now uses
> it.
> --
> Joe

but let me understand what you have in your hands. Is it a Control capable
of parsing a .ics file? Where are the sources?
Because I think it is the best stuff we can add to the calendar desklet. It
would be great, for me, to be able to access an .ics file because (in read
only mode) with that every user can see its personal set of events on the
If u check this list "";,
there is a lot of application that support it!! With it we catch them all!!


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