Re: [gDesklets] Need help with controls to make a multiline text entry

Hello, Joe!

When looking for a calendar for me, I had 3 final options, Osmo, your
desklet and the Calendar desklet. Osmo was to big for what I wanted, but had
the moon cycle. Your calendar had desktop integration, but was bigger than
what I needed too. The Calendar had desktop integration, glass theme (that I
think is really nice), my national holydays, but I couldn't add my own
events. So I thought it was easier to add events and the moon cycle to
Besides that, I dont like the way you add new events in Weekly Calendar and
Osmo: you need to fill a form about it, choose a date, etc. I prefer to
simply add some lines of text to the date selected in the calendar. And show
these lines when I select the date later. This would fit better to me
because I only have some simple events to remember. And they generaly are
not associate with hour of the day.

I changed somethings and now we have a working version. Still very raw...<>

How to add an event:
1-Select the day in the calendar. Ex.: 30 (jan of 2009)
2-The box bellow will show "30 January 2009" "Friday"
3-Click the label "30 January 2009"
4-A window will open. Enter the text you want. You can add multiple lines.
5-To close it you need to use the "X" button. The close button is not
working... This will save the text inside the control.
6-Then click the "Friday" label, just bellow the "30 January 2009" you
clicked before. This will associate the text saved in the control with the
7-To update it, change to another month and than go back to January. The
color of the day will have changed. And if you click it, you will see the
text in the lower box.

Still have to improve it, but I have some tests in the next days... so need
to study. =(

2009/1/30 Joe Sapp <nixphoeni yahoo com>

> You might want to check out the WeeklyCalendar desklet.  I'm working on a
> new version right now that is capable of at least reading iCalendar and
> CalDav events (think Google/Yahoo calendar).  If you'd like to help out,
> let
> me know off list.
> This might be a good time to bring this up to the list: is there a place
> for revision control of desklets?  I'm thinking it's the easiest way to
> facilitate
> development between desklet writers (and I think I'll fail if I try to
> manage
> my own VCS).
> --
> Joe
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> Subject: [gDesklets] Need help with controls to make a multiline text entry
> Hello!
> I am trying to modify the calendar that comes with gDesklets so I can
> easily
> add my own events.
> To add an event the program needs to recive text from the user. So I want a
> multiline text entry.
> I searched in the documentation of gDesklets for one, but I didn't find.
> Then I decided to use one from pygtk.
> From what I saw, to use pygtk I need to make a control. But there is very
> few info about controls...
> Studying other desklets I managed to make a control that can at least be
> installed by gDesklet without error, but I am still not able to use it in
> the aplication.
> The attachment in this mail has what I have so far. The control is suposed
> to have a function that when called opens a small window so the user can
> type text inside.
> When it is closed it returns a list of strings (one per line) to the
> Display
> program. But when called, it gives an error: "'NoneType' object is not
> callable "
> I tried even to set a variable inside the control and read it back to see
> if
> it was there. I can set it without error, but when read it returns "None".
> More one question: when I edit one of the files of a control, do it needs
> to
> be reinstaled to get the new ID string?
> Hope someone can help me...
> Thanks for reading. =)

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