Re: [gDesklets] Improved logging system

Hi Bjoern,

Bjoern Koch wrote:
- every running desklet will have its own logfile in ~/.gdesklets/logs/
- the logfile will use the desklets ID to be identified (name: ID.log)
- the logfiles will be deleted with every gDesklets startup or if the
desklets is restarted (and/or stopped ?!)
- the about window could be extended with a new "Logfile" button which
will open a new logview window including a "copy log to clipboard"
button to make it easier for the user to send in error reports.

my first take would be to convert gD to use the python logging module (e.g., .error(), .debug(), etc. instead of the print statements). After that things like logging into separate files should be relatively easy (not sure if it's reasonable to set up multiple files instead of one with prefixes for different IDs).

Isn't there a "talkback" system for gnome somewhere? Something that would uniform the error reporting on the gnome desktop?


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