[gDesklets] Improved logging system

Hi there,

a long long time ago....
there has been the idea of improving the logging system.

Right now the logfile is a pretty mess (IMHO) as it is easily flooded as
it collects every message and output. Furthermore it is hard to connect
an entry to a desklet.
So back then there was the idea of having an additional logfile for
every running desklet.

My rough ideas so far:

- every running desklet will have its own logfile in ~/.gdesklets/logs/
- the logfile will use the desklets ID to be identified (name: ID.log)
- the logfiles will be deleted with every gDesklets startup or if the
desklets is restarted (and/or stopped ?!)
- the about window could be extended with a new "Logfile" button which
will open a new logview window including a "copy log to clipboard"
button to make it easier for the user to send in error reports.

What do you think ?
Comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome ;).

Greetings, Bjoern

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