Re: [gDesklets] 0.36.1 archive available for testing

Hi there,

>  A suggestion I would like to do is re-package the 0.36.1 with all lower
> characters and avoid the "gDesklets" word by just "gdesklets". This is
> some backwards compatibility.

Hmmm... well... quiet not sure about that. Looks to me that this has
been a looong time the "official" name and - to be honest - I don't feel
like being "authorized" to change it ;).
Pycage and/or chrisimi should better be asked for this (IMHO).

>  Most distros have used to the older name, in that way they just replace
> the new source and.. voilá! :-)

I always thought that this IS the older name ;).

>  So have lots of fun then! After that I'd like to help to improve the
> current documentation

Thanks... Halloween is always fun ;).
The what's new page is almost finished. Gimme another or two hours and
it should be set up.
After that I am going to adjust the develbook to 0.36.1, too.

If you like to help improve the documentation: that would be great!

>  This is my first approach:
> I'm adding support for any word but the scripts must define a language
> first. Then translate them. I'll release what we're doing in Mandriva
> for examples about what I did.
> What do you guys think?

So far, so good (I guess).
But I am just wondering about all the "rest", like: how to make
translations available and easy to install (website, shell support
etc.). Lots of questions still open there.

Greetings, Bjoern

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