Re: [gDesklets] Language support in Desklets


Mario González wrote:
Bjoern Koch wrote:
No idea how this could be done best (using a script like in the Calendar
desklet, translating every desklet on its own (pretty bad idea IMHO),
.po (or what ever) files etc.).

So, any idea, suggestions and comments etc. are VERY VERY welcome!

 Does gdesklets support gettext right? so what about change the behaviour
of every label tag to support it too?

The core uses gettext, although the usage seemed a bit dodgy to me last time.

I added support for i18n in desklets in 0.40. Can't remember the specifics though. According to my blog reports I also wrote a howto on the wiki at: (which, as we know, is down)

The support could perhaps be backported..


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