Re: [gDesklets] A few general questions

Hi there,

close to no experience with python so far) and gdesklets might become a
playground for me.

Great idea! That's exactly how I started to learn python ;).

OK, I'll try to answer as much and as good as I can, but - to be honest - I am not "too deep" into the core of gDesklets...

4) How many active developers are working on the core of gdesklets, how many
submissions do you get per month?

Of course: not enough :).
Currently there are 2 two major development branches:
(more information can be found on the gDesklets' site)

1. the 0.3x branch which tries to keep on improving the current version(s) without breaking any/too much backwards compatibilities.
I'd say there are 4-5 users (more or less) involved in its development.
The development has been fine for the last few month (after a quieter period)

2. the 0.4x branch (trunk) which will be a very hugh step with a new basic concept. There are 2-3 developers involved but the last months have been very very... quiet ;).
For more information on the new design take a look at the wiki: (if it is online)

5) If I develop a desklet and or a control, will it run on future versions
of gdesklets?

Well... very good question.
At least it will/should run on all upcoming 0.3x versions. Can't say anything about 0.4x as I am not involved in its development (yet).

6) Do all the control and desklets on the homepage run on the latest version
(today: 0.36b), or could it be the case, that control X only runs on
gdesklet 0.22 since 0.23 changed the API or so?

Again: at least there are no plans to change anything on the API for the 0.3x branch. OK, actually we are thinking about using a different way to include controls from within a desklet (with version strings/numbers and without this strange ID string), but things should stay compatible anyway!

So the question is, can one just use all controls without thinking, or must
one be more careful? Are there any dependencies?

Basically you should be able to use any Control out there without problems (as long as the Control itself has no errors). The dependencies pretty much depend on the Control itself and not on gDesklets (AFAIK).

7) To start with gdesklets I want to implement a simple svg face, whoose
eyes follow the mouse pointer (rolling eyes). I've seen that if the mouse is
inside the dekslet, one can get its x and y coordinates. Am I right, that if
I want the position of the mouse outside of the desklet (on the desktop) I
have to write a control for that?

As far as I can tell: yes, you would have to write your own Control as the Mouse Control out there seems to be limited on the area of the desklet.

Thanks for your replies!

No problem. Keep on asking ;).
We are happy to see any new developer (core or desklet) around.

And again:
I am not too deep into the core so I hope my answers are (more or less) correct ;).

Greetings, Bjoern

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