Re: [gDesklets] TODO for next release

Bjoern Koch said:
> a real ToDo list would be more than nice. I personally find the


> Well... that depends. If the progress on 0.4x keeps the "speed"... ;).
> I think splitting it up (like we have done the last month) isn't too bad
> ad 0.4x's progress is really slow. And there's still enough to be done
> in 0.3x.

 +1 again :-) IMVHO we should develop both version at the same time
because we already have got a version that is been used in a production
level and I personally believe we cannot stop the development in 0.3x

 I have read in somewhere that one of the current main feature of 0.4 was
to be tested until the limit and some theories were going to be probed,
like: can we improve the speed with X or Y? or something like that.

 So, we should have something that tell us what are we going to hack and
in what version: a simple TODO or blueprints in launchpad?

> And 0.4x seems to be (at least for me) much more complex than 0.3x.

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