Re: [gDesklets] TODO for next release

Mario González wrote:
> Hi,
> 0.36 is out :) now but new develops are coming I'd like to ask if is there
> a TODO list in somewhere? I think should be a good idea if we create a
> feature list that we want to add for the next version, 0.37 maybe. I'd
> like to help in some characteristics of gdesklets but I don't know what
> the core's leaders want or what ideas have they got?.
I think we might rather concentrate on 0.4x now and do only bugfixes for
Sometime I might take a look at the 0.4x core but I won't have much time
in near future. I have no idea what needs to be done for 0.4x to work too.
If there are some wannabe developers direct them IMHO into 0.4x core.
If someone has some ideas create blueprints on launchpad, this is the
first step to set up a path for next releases a have at least some
project management.



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