Re: [gDesklets] TODO for next release

Hi there,

a real ToDo list would be more than nice. I personally find the
launchpad way with milestones, blueprints etc. a bit too... "confusing"
and not really intuitive. But maybe that's just a matter of taste ;).

> I think we might rather concentrate on 0.4x now and do only bugfixes for
> 0.3x.

Well... that depends. If the progress on 0.4x keeps the "speed"... ;).
I think splitting it up (like we have done the last month) isn't too bad
ad 0.4x's progress is really slow. And there's still enough to be done
in 0.3x.
And 0.4x seems to be (at least for me) much more complex than 0.3x.

> If someone has some ideas create blueprints on launchpad, this is the
> first step to set up a path for next releases a have at least some
> project management.

OK, just set up a few things for 0.36.1 ;).

Greetings, Bjoern

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