Re: [gDesklets] Translation status

Hi there,

> I took some time to play with translations and I realised there is not a
> translations status page so I hope you don't main but I've written a
> small page based on 0.36.x branch.

Hehe... nice work ;).

> As we can see, almost all languages have got translations but they are
> not 100% complete. Moreover, I'm not quite sure if every new strings
> have been added to the po database. That's what I'll work on during the
> next days.
> I wrote it to have a "knowledge source", where we can check what to work
> on. The page is quite "white" :-) so don't hesitate to write me if
> you've got a better idea (colours, images, CSS, etc...)

Well, this (all) brings us back to launchpad's translation support.
If you take a look here (just picked a random project)
you can see that launchpad basically does provide this kind of
"knowledge source" with all the eyecandy stuff ;).

But I haven't figured out (as I haven't digged deeper into it ;) ) how
this all fits together (e.g. when time has come to build a release etc.)
and/or how to set it up for our needs.

Furtheremore this might be (or might not be ?) a good place for some of
the other translations, like desklets, devel-book, basic documentation etc.

Greetings, Bjoern

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