Re: [gDesklets] About Desklets in gDesklets


2007/6/21, Lauri Kainulainen <lauri sokkelo net>:

Yeah. I think so too, but I'd like to include one good desklet for the
most important functions. Meaning one for CPU/HDD, one for weather, one
good working clock implementation, one quote desklet and so forth.
Hopefully so that the desklets in the package are enough for people to
get really interested to find more.

OK, so we agree. The only thing we should care about is, that those desklets
have to be high quality which means they should work more or less
out-of-the-box on LINUX, *BSD, Solaris. I think these are the main operating
systems gDesklets is currently working on.
Once, there's a BSD guy who helped us with the BSD parts. Maybe, it's good
to ask him to help us to make sure it'll work on BSD. There are some
differences in FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD but they are just minor

That would be very sensible. Unfortunately the Desklet control and the
desklet itself still need some work. The rendering speed of 0.35 is a
bit too little for the desklet, but that problem should disappear with
0.40. The desklet basically works for installation and IIRC it also
handles control dependencies. It also loads the available desklets,
controls and news from the site.

Is rendering speed an issue, AFAIK, the Shell works quite nicely, although,
I haven't tested it lately.

I'm very limited with my time right now and I have the following

1) site (as I'm the only one with access to it)
2) 0.40 core
3) desklet control

I won't have time for 2 and 3 before autumn. I'd be very pleased to help
people on both if they are willing to contribute.

The site is quite important, so go for it. I also hope we can attract people
willing to help with the control and 0.40.

And the whole idea of having a desklet control for installation is that
we can do alternate displays for installation! So let you imagination
fly! What should the future of desklet installation be like?!

The ideal situation would be to just have the shell which displays any
available desklets (as it is doing now). Alternatively, you could use a
internet browser to browse thru the entire desklets collection on
While I really prefer the first approach, we should allow people to also
"install" desklets via firefox/epiphany/... (using the shell or directly).


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