Re: [gDesklets] 0.35 series -- my 2 cents (and much more)

Christian Meyer wrote:
> Hi,
> this is just a quick 'hello I'm still around' message.
> As you might know, I'm still fighting to reactivate my svn account on
> There has been no success and I'm getting really tired.
> I wanted to apply as many patches as possible from SUN and contributers but
> it's simply impossible.
> 1. Step: my idea is to move the whole repo to (if it isn't
> there -- sorry, I haven't checked, yet).
> 2. Step: somehow add a file on that we've moved
> to
> 3. Apply patches there.
> 4. Be happy ;-)
> I still have a version of gdesklets which includes some of the patches:
> There are waiting tons of patches and suggestions on bugzilla.
> We should use gnome's bugzilla and don't switch. It's been working quite
> nicely, so why change.
> I want to get more people involved, means coding monkeys. We already have
> lots of new faces on the mailing list and I'm quite happy about it. Maybe
> some of them have good (python) coding skills.
> Let's get things done! As soon as the code has been moved to launchpad[1],
> I'm sure that working on the code will be a lot easier than now.
> Regards,
> Christian

You have to upload you public part of PGP key to website first.
Install Bazaar. To create repository use this command (username exchange
for your launchpad login):

bzr init sftp://username bazaar launchpad net/~gdesklets/gdesklets/0.3x

Then cd to some directory and download the content there:

bzr branch sftp://username bazaar launchpad net/~gdesklets/gdesklets/0.3x

copy the 0.35 version to this newly created directory (0.3x in this
case). CD there. Then add all files:

bzr add

Commit the changes:

bzr commit -m "initial import of 0.3x core"

Then push the changes to launchpad server:

push sftp://username bazaar launchpad net/~gdesklets/gdesklets/0.35x

This is the way I did it. There may be some other way but this works. If
you still have some trouble, let me know which files you want upload
there and I will do it. Hope I didn't forget something.



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