[gDesklets] !!Please test!!

Hi folks,

in bzr there's now nice and fixed code. I welcome everyone to test it. Next
things which have to be done is Humpel's new stuff.
I also need some help/advice: some desklet authors write crappy (svg) code.
When there's a timer things like this happen:

Error: Desklet contains errors. Please contact the author!

I improved the error messages quite a bit. If they shouldn't appear on every
(svg) update, I have to remember that the particular error's already
occurred. I could remember it in a boolean variable in TargetPlotter. But I
think that's not the best solution.

What do you guys think?

Christian Meyer
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gDesklets: http://www.gdesklets.org
AIM: chrisime
ICQ: 72107443
Jabber: christian meyer gmail com
MSN: chrisime77 msn de
Skype: chrisime77
Yahoo: chrisime77 yahoo de

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