Re: [gDesklets] The New Shell

Hi there!

> a) A desklet
> b) A regular GTK-application?

I personally like/prefer the gtk approach. The desklet is for me more a
(nice to have) gimmie/goodie. But maybe I am just a bit old-fashioned
here ;).

> Secondly do you want the website integration on, or should we just 
> handle dragging links to the application?

The website integration has its nice advantages, but it has some
disadvantages, too. Like using/integrating desklets that haven't been
uploaded to the website etc.
Probably most users will use the website integration, but I would
definitively keep the alternative way (drag'n'drop) available. Just in
case... (which is always a good way of thinking ;) ).

> If you have any ideas of features or outlook please tell them now, 
> before I start coding on it.

Ignore uppercase and lowercase in categories ;).

Greetings, Bjoern (H.Humpel)

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