Re: [gDesklets] gdesklets port to Solaris

Great, I'm testing on it. I'm not sure if the release of 0.35.5 is already announced, since I have a one line modification on /libdesklets/system/Solaris/ on setting the bogomips value (which is not available in Solaris). In my previous patch, I set the constant value to 5000 ( which a rough number I get from the machine I also installed linux), but now I think it may be better to set the value to 0, since then we can use this value to determine whether the OS is Solaris...

I attached the new patch, if its too late, then I think I can log a bug on gnome and put my patch there( this is required by our bug policy).

However, thank you very much for the support, if there is anything else I can help, just let me know.


Christian Meyer wrote:
Hi Chris,

I'm a bit busy at the moment, there's a test tomorrow. I uploaded a tarball which included all your patches: <>

I'd be happy if you could make the changes.

Thanks in advance.


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