Re: [gDesklets] gdesklets port to Solaris

Hi Christian:
That's great. I may have two suggestion on the Sidecandy widget"
 1. The Solaris don't have bogomips info, so can you add
 if (sys.cpu_bogomips > 0):
Dsp.lbl_cpu_info.value = "Bogomips: %.2f\n%s (%dkB cache)" % \ (sys.cpu_bogomips, sys.cpu_model, sys.cpu_cache)
               Dsp.lbl_cpu_info.value = "%s (%dkB cache)" % \
                             (sys.cpu_model, sys.cpu_cache)
to the code, and in the /libdesklets/system/Solaris/, change the return value of bogomips from 5000 to 0 (I just put a fix value there, since we don't have this information in Solaris, and now, maybe its better to set it to 0 instead). So this widget can work for all platform.

2. In the network.display widget, you hard code the value of iface ="eth0", this is only true in Linux, In Solaris, we use the real device name instead, for example: bge0 means broadcom. It's hard for me to have a solution for it now, I think it may be a good idea to list all available network devices from the _network_devices in and let the user select from the list rather than input the device name. It may require some work in Controls/system.

I have talked to my manager, and we will ask our a11y testing engineer to do a evaluation test on gdesklets. I'll update you the result as they finish it.

Thank you very much.

Christian Meyer wrote:


thanks, I applied your patches. One caused a problem but I managed it.
Regarding the desklets, yep, we should update SideCandy again, fix bugs and add new features.
I forgot who wrote WeeklyCalendar.

I still have to wait for my key being uploaded; until then I can't update Gnome's SVN :-(


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