Re: Background Doesn't Change via cron(8)

Ghee Teo wrote:

> - pkill gconfd-2
> Pretty nasty hacks, since that pkill gconfd-2 is trying to ask all
> running user's gconfd-2 to stop and will be restarted when its service
> is required.

Good idea; too bad it doesn't work.  What gconfd-2 appears to do is that
when it restarts, it thinks there should be another image in the list of
background images.  It then changes that image, not the one displayed.

I have abandoned using cron(8).  Instead, I have written my own daemon
and since it is started from a terminal, it seems to work fine.  This is
a stop-gap kludge but, hopefully, when 9.10 comes out, this problem will
be fixed.  :)

Just my 0.00000002 million dollars worth,

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