Re: 2.6.1 compiler error

> but now a different error.  It seems to be looking for the path /X11/xkb.  as far as i can tell, the xkb directory is in /var/lib?

Welcome to 'Slackware annoyances' country:

Basically, libxklavier makes an educated guess at where the xkb
libraries are, but if you haven't got them in a search path, or they are
incomplete -- you run into strife.

To fix this for GARNOME, edit desktop/libxklavier/Makefile, and add 
'--with-xkb-base=/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb' to CONFIGURE_ARGS (near the 

Then do a 'make clean' and 'make install' again to get things running.



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