Re: RFC: The new, improved README / FAQ file (version 2)

At buildquestions point 3, If you do build the mozilla from the garnome
you need to add $GARNOME/lib/mozilla-<version> to $LD_LIBRARY_PATH. If
you don't gaim and evolution will not work


On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 16:31 +1000, Paul Drain wrote:
> Thanks to all the people that replied about the first cut of the README
> file -- i've spent a little more time updating it and have now got
> something i'm reasonably happy with.
> There's a new cut of the file on the FTP site, which i'd like comments on.
> Changes from the first version include:
> * The dependencies list has been updated to reflect 'desktop directory'
> versus 'the other directories in GARNOME' (thanks Bob)
> * A note about the Mozilla build has been included under 'Build Questions'
> * The references to the kerberos build have been fixed
> * 'opinion' has an 'i' in it
> I'd like some help from Debian and Mandrake users as to what packages (if
> any) they needed to install from the bootstrap/ directory to get GARNOME
> to build correctly -- so that the 'requirements for bootstrap/ section'
> can be made as extensive as possible.
> The file:
> Once again, if there's anything there that people are not clear on, please
> let me know (posting to the list is fine) -- and i'll get things fixed
> Regards,
> Paul
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