Re: RFC: The new, improved README / FAQ file

> Yup, everything after the -devel is the version number. I know it's a
> weird version number.

Does Red Hat still ship the libjpeg-6a compatibility libraries though?
(I seem to recall earlier versions did, that's the reason for the name)

> Actually, I think that should probably be libtools-libs which in turn
> deps on libtool.

Done, thanks for the clarification

> Well, mozilla in bootstrap isn't built by default and I'm assuming that
> any version of mozilla including and newer than 1.4 (maybe even 1.2
> and/or 1.3) should work. And since epiphany requires mozilla than it
> should be listed as a deps.

Of course, the other solution is to simply uncomment the mozilla
dependency from epiphany/ and galeon/ -- and my feeling is to release
GARNOME 2.6.1 and _then_ uncomment them, lest feeling the wrath of the
users with limited CPU cycles to spare.


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