Another 2.6.1 TEST release candidate

People using the arch tree, this is basically --patch-70 with a README
(that has been updated to reflect some 2.6.ism's that you might come

After some thumping, lots more tweaking and moving things around
-- i'm putting out another test release which can be obtained from:

A pseudo-changelog looks like:

* Lots of package updates
* Several bugfixes for key packages


* it's the first GARNOME build without debugging enabled (where safe)

There are some breakages I _already know about_ but would like
confirmed, (or indeed - patches for) - including:

* desktop/scrollkeeper refuses to find pre-existing Docbook install if
the system directory cannot be accessed (you can duplicate this by
making the /var/scrollkeeper directory read-only)

* fifth-toe/xine-lib breaks on Debian installations that use GCC 3.3.3
(possible debian-specific GCC bug, Jeff says he'll chase this one)

* geektoys/redhat-artwork is broken on Mandrake 10.x (compiler issue?)

Anything else, let me know - otherwise, with the exception of an ORBit
bump and a Pango bump (pending availability) this _IS_ GARNOME 2.6.1 [1]


[1] still just in time for GNOME D&DP 2.6.2 :)

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