Re: Newbie Question: cd meta && make install

Thank you for answering my question

> Were the error cleared by running make install from the correct
> directory?  If so, what were the original errors?

Well, I encountered quite a few simple errors which I managed to solved
fairly quickly.  One, for example, is caused by a changed of location of
the tar file.  The others are mostly because of missing libraries such
as libsmbclient-dev, lm_sensors, etc.  

The last one that I've got is because my version of X server is <
4.3.0.  It complained about missing 'Xrandr' or something. So I updated
my X server to 4.3.0 and I am currently running garnome installation
still from the 'meta' directory.  I figured since I've started it
already, I might as well finish it and see what happens. So I haven't
really tried running it from the correct directory.  

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