Re: Compiling net-rhythmbox (slightly OT)

Hi Bob,

On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 12:16, Bob Kashani wrote:
> Hi, Stephen.
> If you try to build flac outside of garnome then it will use the RH9
> gstreamer. If you use my garballs flac will be built inside of garnome
> and garnome-0.23.1 uses gstreamer-0.6.1
> (garnome-0.23.1/gnome/gstreamer).
> --prefix= will not work. Prefix is used to set the install path and will
> not force configure to look at the garnome dir for libs, includes, etc.

Yeah, I should have been more specific. When I referred to building "it"
with --prefix=/home/garnome/garnome, I was referring to building the
newer version of GStreamer so that flac could find it in the garnome
hierarchy, and not screwing up my rpm database by overwriting the RH
supplied GStreamer.

It does seem easier just to wait for Jeff for the new version, though.

Thanks for your thoughts,


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