Re: making xml catalog in Garnome-0.25.1

begin  Jeff Waugh  quotation:

> If you do, please test that the rest of the software correctly finds
> the XSL stylesheets in their new place; otherwise, yes please!

And, perhaps with a view towards other unices, how about optional
parameters at the top of buildDocBookCatalog, rem'd out by default,
that could manually edited? 

It's not as if a helluva lot of stuff needs to be nailed down, just a
few dirnames, yes? Then, say, with a simple 'locate chunk.xsl' or
whatever (docbookx.dtd, etc) one could get onboard with those few

For some reason DocBook seems to intimidate people, but for garnome it
needn't be all that magical methinks. If I can coax garnome to finish
building on NetBSD here, I'll take a whack at this meeself.

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