Re: questions to be prepared for 0.26.0

On Sun, 2003-08-10 at 21:32, guenther wrote:
> Does that mean, I still can compile epiphany, after I removed the
> Mozilla dependency -- as long as Mozilla is present on my machine?

Yes, just make sure you have the headers installed as well, ie. the
development package (mozilla-dev on Debian).

> Making the whole gnome dir is the same as making all the meta files
> individually?

Not quite. Some things are not in any garball and need to be installed

> OK, so the $GARCHIVE variable should be set before compiling?

Yes, but running make install will not populate the garchive dir. You
need to run make garchive.

> Can I remove all unneeded files after compile? And how? The compile dir
> really occupied a lot of space.

When you are done building, you can remove the entire garnome directory.
The build directory that is.

> Another question: Should it be possible, to compile Garnome on a
> different machine, with about the same tools installed -- and simply
> copying the garnome dir after compile?

Yes, if you are sure you have the same libraries installed on both
machines. And you probably need to put the copy in the same location as
on the original install. I've never tried it though, CPU cycles are


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