[gamin] kde .xsession-errors workaround


The line I was thinking of adding to the gaminrc file would look 
something like this:

   none ~/.xsession-errors

This is based on a solution I found posted on the web:

   none /var/log/*
   fsset jfs notify

where my home directory is a jfs filesystem.  Looking at the 
gam_conf.c file, though, it doesn't look like "none" is a 
recognized command.  (The web page at 
http://www.gnome.org/~veillard/gamin/config.html is a little
ambiguous -- the text states that only "notify", "poll", and
"fsset" are commands, but the comments in the file also list
"none".)  And of course, applying "notify" to all filesystems
of a given type is somewhat suboptimal.

Based on what I see in gam_conf.c, "none" is not implemented.  
Is this correct?  And to exclude a path or file, "notify" is 
the correct command to use?

So would the config file just need a line like:

  notify ~/.xsession-errors



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