Re: [gamin] kde .xsession-errors workaround

On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 09:09:20PM -0500, Barry Rountree wrote:
> Daniel, 
> The line I was thinking of adding to the gaminrc file would look 
> something like this:
>    none ~/.xsession-errors
> This is based on a solution I found posted on the web:
>    none /var/log/*
>    fsset jfs notify
> where my home directory is a jfs filesystem.  Looking at the 
> gam_conf.c file, though, it doesn't look like "none" is a 
> recognized command.  (The web page at 
> is a little
> ambiguous -- the text states that only "notify", "poll", and
> "fsset" are commands, but the comments in the file also list
> "none".)  And of course, applying "notify" to all filesystems
> of a given type is somewhat suboptimal.
> Based on what I see in gam_conf.c, "none" is not implemented.  
> Is this correct?  And to exclude a path or file, "notify" is 
> the correct command to use?
> So would the config file just need a line like:
>   notify ~/.xsession-errors

  No. notify means use the kernel notifying method, not what you want.
Forbiding all check is only allowed at a filesystem level (with fsset ... none)
for an individual file you just have the possibility at the gamin level
to state whether you want kernel monitoring (notify) or gamin polling
(poll). Even 
   poll ~/.xsession-errors
won't really do what you want. As I stated, the best way is to tell KDE
to not check for that file.
  In the meantime symlink it to /dev/null that's the simplest.


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